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CMDA Building Approval Services in Chennai

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CMDA Building Approval Services


Noah Infrastructures, the Building Contractor in Chennai, is serving its best in all possible ways. From concept to completion, we engage our team to take every single step and handle them professionally. We take over various projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, renovation, and interior services. We also oversee CMDA building approval services in Chennai for every project.

The process of obtaining CMDA building plan approval is tedious as it has its rules to follow. It requires immense effort and time which only some can invest. Hence, we are ready to support it for you at a justiciable cost. We quote minimal and justiciable pricing for DTCP building approval services in Chennai.

CMDA Building Approval Services in Chennai

What is CMDA building approval?


CMDA approval refers to obtaining legal authorization from the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) for constructing or developing a building in the Chennai metropolitan area in Tamil Nadu, India. The CMDA is the planning authority responsible for regulating and controlling the development activities in the Chennai region. 

Obtaining CMDA approval is typically mandatory before commencing any construction work within the CMDA’s jurisdiction. The approval process involves submitting the necessary application forms, architectural drawings, and NOC (No Objection Certificate) from various departments and paying the prescribed fees. The CMDA then evaluates the proposal and grants approval if it meets all the necessary criteria.

Our strength:


Our crew is our strength since they are so enthusiastic, knowledgeable, up to date, and eager to work while also coming up with creative plans that don’t compromise the building’s intended use. We also flooded with modern machineries and number of own vehicles which helps to finish the tasks on time.  In comparison to other commercial Building contractors in Chennai, these are the essential element that maintains us above the others.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining CMDA Building Approval:

Step 1: Understand the Regulations and Guidelines

Familiarize yourself with the building regulations, zoning regulations, setback requirements, floor area ratio (FAR), height restrictions, and other guidelines specified by the CMDA. This will provide a foundation for your project’s compliance during approval.

Step 2: Engage an Architect or Professional Consultant

Hire a qualified architect or professional consultant experienced in CMDA approval processes. They will help you develop the architectural drawings and navigate the application process efficiently.

Step 3: CMDA plan approval checklist: (link with the official site)

Gather the necessary documents, which typically include the following:

1. Application form: Obtain the application form from the CMDA or their official website and complete it.

2. Architectural drawings: Prepare detailed drawings, including site plans, floor plans, elevations, sections, and structural drawings.

3. Structural stability certificate: Obtain a certificate from a qualified structural engineer certifying the stability and structural integrity of the proposed building.

4. NOCs and clearances: Obtain No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from relevant authorities such as the Fire and Rescue Services, Pollution Control Board, and any other required approvals.

Step 4: Compile the Application Package

Organize all the documents required for CMDA approval into a comprehensive application package. Ensure each record is complete, accurate, and compliant with the prescribed formats and guidelines. 

Step 5: Submit the Application

Visit the CMDA office or the designated submission center and submit your application package and the requisite fees. Obtain an acknowledgment receipt or a tracking number for future reference. 

Step 6: Application Scrutiny and Processing

The CMDA will review your application and thoroughly scrutinize the submitted documents. This process may involve site visits and consultations with relevant departments. The CMDA will assess your project’s compliance with the regulations and guidelines.

Step 7: Compliance and Modifications

If any issues or non-compliance are identified during the scrutiny process, the CMDA may provide feedback or request modifications to the plans. Address the concerns and make the necessary modifications as instructed.

Step 8: Approval and Issuance of Building Permit

Once your application complies with all the regulations and requirements, the CMDA will grant the building approval. You will be issued a building permit or an approval certificate indicating that your project has been authorized to proceed with construction.

Step 9: Commence Construction

With the CMDA approval and building permit, you can commence construction per the approved plans and timelines.

Noah Infrastructures will take the above-all steps to obtain CMDA building approval. The CMDA Building Approval Services Cost we are quoting is very average and justifiable for our services. To get CMDA building approval at a low price without any haste, contact Noah Infrastructures.

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