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Civil Construction Company in Coimbatore

“One-stop solution to your construction needs!”

Best Building Contractors in Coimbatore


Noah Infrastructures stands as the Top civil construction contractor company in Coimbatore. We are committed to delivering top-notch turnkey solutions. Noah has been serving since 2014 with a modest yet efficient team; our mission was to reshape the city’s infrastructure. Since then, our journey has grown remarkably, branching into diverse realms. Our impressive list of completed projects is a testament to our abilities. It also highlights our successful incursions into a variety of construction fields. These projects include residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, warehouse, interior design, and remodeling projects.

Our Distinctiveness:

Our highly skilled and precisely structured teams are the foundation of our success. They are unwaveringly committed to excellence in everything they do. Our in-house team comprises competent contractors, engineers, designers, and committed staff. They make sure that projects are completed on schedule. We stand out from other companies because of our team’s continuous skill improvement. This results in more excellent structural quality. The diversity of our services, which is a truly defining characteristic of our capacity, is highlighted by a tapestry of projects that span residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, warehouse, interior design, and refurbishment.  

We streamline the process for our clients using a skilled internal procurement staff to facilitate material acquisition. Our unique methodology combines the aims and preferences of clients with realistic feasibility to produce tailored solutions that suit their requirements. 

Our nine-plus years of experience have earned us the coveted status of being Best civil construction company in coimbatore. Our unwavering service has propelled us to excel, solidifying our reputation as “the best construction builders.”


Client Satisfaction:

 At Noah Infrastructures, client satisfaction reigns supreme. Our unwavering pursuit of superior quality and innovative designs underscores every project. The foundation of our success is built on conversations with our clients. They develop strong bonds and pave the path for successful outcomes. Our proud clients’ testimonials serve as a beacon, invigorating us to further push the boundaries of excellence. The feedback from our patrons fuels our drive to perform even more magnificently as civil construction contractors


Time Invested in Quality:

Quality is the progeny of time well spent. Our quality craftsmanship is a testament to the meticulous planning that precedes construction. Our Civil Engineers engage in comprehensive sessions with clients. Then they will have in-depth consultations with architects, designers, and structural engineers. This process ensures that the final structure boasts structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Our Services:

As a Civil Construction Company, we offer turnkey services from concept to completion. Our services include:

Design Build

Design and Build

Our expertise extends to comprehensive interior design contracting services tailored to various projects. Our team of visionary designers crafts a plethora of distinctive designs. These designs epitomize the latest trends. Anchored in the following factors, 

Deep understanding of project requisites, Customer preferences, Budgets, Timelines

our designers produce cost-effective yet trendy designs that resonate powerfully with clients. Beyond aesthetics, our design projects involve the planning and implementation certain factors. They are

Fire detection security, Elevators, Escalators, Plumbing, Electricity, HVAC, Other mechanical components.

Civil Contracts

We offer a one-stop shop to meet all of your building construction needs as Coimbatore’s leading civil construction contracting company. You no longer need to look for separate teams for design, architecture, and other fields because we have teams of professionals on staff. We have all the tools we need right here, all in one place.

Civil Contractors in Chennai
Interior Contractors in Chennai

Interior Contracts

We are experts in turnkey interior solutions, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of your area doesn’t sacrifice its practicality. We incorporate your suggestions and pragmatic concerns to design rooms that suit you.

Why Noah?


1. As we know the importance of every second, we are indulged in completing every project on time without any flaw.

2. We set customer satisfaction above all. Hence we are working on the best designs and plans. We will have our customers in mind in every move we make. 

3. Using modern technology and tools, we are increasing the value of the building by ensuring structural integrity and maintaining an appealing look.

4. We have skilled engineers, architects, and designers with outstanding experience in this field, making them work error-free. Our human resources could be more reputable as it helps complete the projects on time.

5. We try to keep our clients from tension by providing turnkey services. Services include planning, budgeting, construction, interior designing, architectural drawing, structural drawing, electrical, plumbing, and carpeting services, including fixation of an HVAC system, etc. 

6. We cover all our services under a nominal budget in the market, and our services will be provided at a budget-friendly cost.

7. We also help you with the documentation and approval process, which saves you time and energy.

Success stories:


The effort we put into completing each task without errors, the professional handling of all kinds of projects with skilled professionals, the variety of services we provide at one place, the utilization of modern tools and technology, and the on-time completion of projects within the budget are the factors determining our success in this field.

Our Portfolio

We have a comprehensively-diversified portfolio of completed projects that includes Warehouses/ PEB’s, Educational Institutions, Community and Wedding Halls, Residential Apartments, and a wide range of other civil construction projects. Bearing our characteristic functional-yet-intelligent design stamp, browse through some of our most exclusive projects that have changed the skyline of Coimbatore.

Warehouse Contractors
Warehouse & PEBs
Commercials Contractors
Educational Institutions Contractors
Marriage Halls Contractor
Marriage Halls
Residential Apartments Contractor
Villas Contractor
Hotels Contractor
Corporate Offices
Corporate Office
Factories Contractor
Roads Contractor

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