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Some Of the Best Construction Companies in Chennai

Chennai is called the “Detroit of India” for its thriving automobile industry. Yet, it is also a hub for construction and real estate development. This bustling metropolis on the southeastern coast of India has witnessed rapid urbanization, leading to a growing demand for infrastructure and housing. In response to this surge in demand, several construction companies have emerged as critical players in shaping the city’s skyline. Let us see some of the best construction companies in Chennai that have been instrumental in transforming the city’s landscape.

Noah Infrastructures

Since 2014, Noah Infrastructures has served its best in the construction field. Being one of the Top Construction companies in chennai, they offer turnkey construction solutions. From concept to completion, they work hard and always succeed in meeting the clients’ demands. Their specialization lies all over the services, from planning to post-construction services. 

They have completed various residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. This shows their versatility in work. 

Address: 7, 100 Feet Rd, Rajeshwari Nagar, Selaiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600073 


They are the top builders in Chennai who have a unique set of skills and work power. They have successfully come across many projects with challenges. Their collective teamwork is the reason behind their growth.

Address: RAJPARIS Crystal Spring, Sithalapakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600126

KSV constructions:

K.S. Venkataraman & Co. Pvt. Ltd. has a reputation for engineering skills and techniques. They established themselves as one of the top 20 construction companies in Chennai.

Address: K.S. Venkatraman & Co. Pvt. Ltd., Exotica, 8th Floor, B Block24, Venkatnarayana Road, T. Nagar Chennai 600 017, India.

ASV Constructions Pvt. Ltd. 

It is one of the top construction firms in Chennai. They are well-versed in developing commercial buildings. Since 2000, they have been providing endless services to the customers. The company’s projects showcase contemporary design and world-class amenities.  

Address: 59, Ormes Road, Kilpauk

Chennai 600 010

RSN Engineering and Construction

This company provides all construction services under one roof. Their services may also include a supply of plant and equipment, field services construction, and project management in mechanical, piping, pipeline, electrical, fabrication, and erection of heavy structures.

Address: 93, First Floor, Kundrathur Main Road, Porur,

 Chennai – 600 116.

GK Shetty Builders

Since 1955, it has established itself as a leading builder. Its commitment to sustainable development and its ability to create iconic landmarks have earned it a place among the top construction companies in chennai.

Address: G K Shetty Builders Pvt Ltd, No.3, Club Road, Chetpet, Chennai -31, Tamilnadu, India.


They are the trendsetters of the field, as their ideas are unique and impressive. Their work ensures the longevity of the structures. They are delivering customized designs and scrutinizing the project details. Their portfolio speaks to their expertise. 

Address: Voora JK Towers, 2 Floor No.28, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai – 638 017 Tamilnadu, India

Elite Contractors Pvt Ltd (Elcon)

It has a massive experience of 25 years in this field. They are developing as the best construction companies in chennai. Their projects exemplify elegance and grandeur. The company’s projects reflect a blend of modern architecture and functional design.

Address: Elite Contractors (Chennai) Pvt Ltd., 78, Greams Road, Thousand Lights, Chennai – 600 006.

Shree Ramajayam Road Construction

In specification, they are well versed in Road construction with 12 years of experience. They have a highly qualified team with specially trained professionals in road construction. Being the best road contractors, they have come across many projects successfully. 

Address: Bhuhna Vilas, No:31/24, Saravana Street, T.Nagar,

Chennai – 600017.

Judie Constructions (P) Ltd

They are well-versed in construction compliance with Indian as well as International codes. By handling many large-scale projects, they became one of the prominent contractors. Their primary focus is on quality and customer satisfaction. 

Address: TNBC Building, No. 45/22, Santhome High Road Santhome, 

Chennai – 600 004. India

Chandrasekar Builders [P] Ltd

It began its first step in 1984 in the real estate industry and emerged as flat promoters in 1994. Today, it is established as one of the top construction companies in Chennai. With various kinds of services and experiences, they stand out among others. They have experience in different fields, so they can efficiently provide turnkey services. 

Address: No.1, Gopalan Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600 033, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

South East Construction Company Private Limited

The leading engineering company in Chennai who are well trained and expert in mass excavation, irrigation works, road construction, and so on.

Address: No: 112, Kaliamman Kovil Street, Natesan Nagar, Virugambakkam

Chennai Tamil Nadu-600 092

Malles Construction

They are the finest construction company specializing in flats or apartment construction. Their unmatchable commitment to quality assurance and on-time delivery is speechless. They have earned clients’ trust with 37 years of experience. 

Address: Malles Constructions (P) Ltd., No. 19, Tanjore Road, Near Panagal Park, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017

Signet Foundations  

They are stepping into constructing specific structures like Individual Villas, Row Houses, and Bungalows. As they have years of experience, they earned the customers’ trust. This motivates them to offer even more exceptional services. 

Address: Harris Flats, G – 1 No.47, Harris Road, Sayee Nagar Annexe, Virugambakkam, Chennai – 92.

Baashyaam Constructions

A reliable brand in the industry provides excellent projects of various kinds. Their proficiency is end-to-end. They come across multiple projects and complete them with more significant commitment. 

Address: G.N. Chetty Road, 3rd & 4th Floor, T. Nagar, Chennai, 600 017.

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