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Hiring a home contractor: Questions to ask

Nowadays, finding a qualified and experienced home contractor is a challenging task. There are lots of options on Hiring a home contractor. This failed to make us clear about choosing options but made us delve into a dilemma. Sometimes we have no idea in what aspect we must select the contractors or in what terms we can finalize that the specific company is the best. To answer all these questions, we are supposed to put forth some important questions. 

Questioning is the best way to get more information and make the right decisions. Noah Infrastructures, the leading civil construction contractor in Chennai, provides you with a list of some essential questions that will help you gather as much information as possible before making your choice. Come! Let us shoot some questions to the contractor.

Are you licensed and insured?

This is the pivotal question to be asked. Ask for their license and related credentials and cross-check them. This question helps us to understand the credibility and authority of the company. It answers how trustworthy the contracting company is and when it is in the market. It also tells its competitive power among competitors in the market. 

How many years of experience do you have in the home improvement industry?

This answers the standard and stability of the contractor. Wherever you go, experience plays a significant role. Besides, in the path of our dream, we will tend to hand over our project to the wrong or inexperienced hands. In specific fields, some mistakes cannot be undone. To avoid such blunders, asking such questions and choosing the right contractor is necessary. 

Do you have any kind of insurance?

This is the primary and second most important question to be asked. By asking this question, you should receive two answers.

General liability insurance – in case of any disasters like damages in the building, pipeline, etc., this insurance assures you that you don’t have to pay any penny to solve the issue. They will take care of everything.
Workers’ compensation insurance – if any worker got injured due to work, you are not obliged to that case only when this insurance is there. 

How many permits do you get in our area?

Hiring contractors who are well-versed in obtaining needed permits and approval is essential. Contractors should take care of the complete approval and permit process. Home contractors in Chennai should take care of the CMDA process. Knowing whether the specific contractor has completed any projects near your place is better. 

In short, it is advised to choose a contractor who has worked in your area already and has access to obtain the required permits from respective authorities. Choosing new contractors for the field is avoidable. 

What types of projects have you worked on that are similar to mine?

This helps you to know their final output to the works related to your project. This has been a deciding factor in whether to hand over the project to the contractors. You can also ask for reference images or any other related information.

What is the estimated timeline for completing the project?

It is helpful for you to know their estimated timeline for completing the project. You may have several reasons to get into the house immediately. That should not be affected by any unprofessional. Hence it is advised to get a timeline. It is also better to ask for their timeline to finish the previous projects. It helps you analyze their estimation and the time they have taken to complete. And also have a basic idea of how long it will take to complete a project.

Do you have a team of subcontractors, and if so, are they also licensed and insured?

It is hard to find contractors with in-hand sub-contractors. If someone has a house team of sub-contractors, don’t have a second thought about choosing them because the importance of having in-house sub-contractors will reflect during certain times, including the period of finishing the project, availability of workers during an emergency or critical periods, etc. 

How do you communicate with clients throughout the project?

As you will not be at the site 24*7, you need someone from the contractors’ side to inform you what the site’s stage is, what else is needed for further steps, and all other happenings of the site works. It is also important to discuss first the frequency of updates from their sides.  

Are there any potential challenges or risks associated with my specific project?

Anticipating and knowing our project’s flaws and risks helps us plan to avoid those challenges. Knowing our project’s challenges will keep us from extra expenses and wasting time and resources. 

Will you be working on multiple projects simultaneously, and if so, how will that affect my project?

Of course, contractors may deal with many projects at a time. But that should not affect your project’s outcome. This question answers their workforce and resources and how they can keep up with all the projects. This answer helps you analyze their human resources and standard and ensure that this condition will not affect your project. 

Can you provide a breakdown of the costs involved in the project?

This will help you with the cost of building and how much you spend on other miscellaneous factors. This will also guide you to track the budget and inform you if it exceeds it.

How do you handle warranty claims or follow-up maintenance after completing the project?

You have to get a written warranty at the end. This should disclose what are things have purchased at what cost, the complete settlement of the fees and other bills, how long it takes to complete the project, and details about the warranty from the contractor’s side. 

In any way, hiring a home contractor is beneficial to you. But choosing the right contractor for your project is essential. To do that critical part, asking valid questions is more important. The one right place which answers all the above questions is Noah Infrastructures, the best civil contractor in Chennai. We serve you turnkey civil construction contracting services at one stop at the best price. Contact us to shoot more questions.  

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