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The benefit of incorporating Vastu Shastra plants in your home

What do we know about plants?  Plants give oxygen and take carbon dioxide. They help in the purification of air.  Some plants are used as food and some have medicinal value.  We know that plants give us different and beautiful flowers to us. In every aspect, plants are very useful.  We also used plants as ornaments inside and outside the house.  But have you ever thought that plants would act as a factor in vastu shastra for your house? Yes, it is. Plants play a major role in vastu shastra for houses by bringing happiness and prosperity to the house.

There are many plants that function as vastu plants and offer good fortune. But before choosing any plants, we must be certain of them. An unfavourable circumstance could result from choosing the wrong plants.  Here, we will look at a few vastu plants and their effects.

Some of the Vastu Plants for home:


1. Bamboo plants:

According to Vastu, bamboo plants can help your home attract prosperity, notoriety, lucky energy, calm, and joy.  It is a very lucky plant to have in your home.  The arrangement of bamboo stalks signifies numerous things.  The bamboo stalks stand for a happy marriage and a couple in love.  Good luck is symbolized by a cluster of 8 or 9 bamboo strands with red ribbon wrapped around them.  This arrangement is also suitable as a housewarming gift. Happiness in life is represented by three or six stalks.

2. Holy basil (Tulsi):

As everyone is aware, Tulsi is beneficial to health because it heals colds and coughs.  By positioning it on the front side of the home, it also emits a significant amount of oxygen, which is beneficial.  It captures a unique aspect of Hindu tradition and culture. Our brains are renewed as we obtain enough oxygen, and we also gain tranquilly and happiness.  The Tulsi plant should be placed in a north and northeastern direction. It should be carefully kept since when it dries out or withers, it delivers negative omens to the home. It must be kept tidy and clean around the Tulsi plant, or it must be planted in a tidy and clean environment.  Directly putting Tulsi plants into the ground is not advised. Put some pots in use and keep them on the higher surface.  Tulsi plants should be kept in odd numbers and should not be placed close to plants with sharp edges.

3. Money Plant:

According to Vastu, it is said that money plants bring wealth and prosperity to our home.  Placing a money plant outside the house with ground reaching level is not appropriate as per home vastu.  Planting it in the wrong direction will lead to financial losses.  It is good to plant in the south east direction where Lord Ganesh abides in the same direction.  Never share money plant with others.

4. Peace lily:

Keeping peace lilies in the bed room will enhance the sleep cycle, help us get rid of insomnia, allow us to sleep peacefully without any interruptions from bad dreams.  For all sleep related problems, peace lily is the answer.  It represents peace and harmony.

5. Snake plants:

Snake plants are useful in bringing more oxygen in by keeping it in the places near the windows.  It also helps get rid of negative energy and harmful things entering the house.  There is also a belief that it keeps snakes from entering the house.

6. Jasmine:

Jasmine, because of its pleasant aroma, relieves tension and stress. It induces good sleep. It also helps in enhancing the relationship by promoting love between two.  As per home vastu shastra, jasmine promotes and attracts good vibes. The suitable direction is to place at south facing window.

7. Aloe Vera:

As we all know, Aloe Vera is the most highly recommended plant in vastu shastra for the home.  The regular thing we do in our house, tying the aloe vera in the ceiling, is to have good vibes in our house.  It regulates the flow of happiness and prosperity in our home.  The apt place is to place it in the east or north direction.

8. Golden Pathos:

Golden Pathos is the most low-maintenance of the vastu plants. It brings joy to the house and eliminates all negative energy from it.

Vastu shastra is not only about the things, materials and plants to keep in our house.  The primary factor is to get the experts’ advice in Vastu Shastra for house construction.  The placement and direction of the house and rooms are the prime factors to concentrate first.  Hiring Construction Company, building contractors, interior desingners, manpower, vastu experts is not at all an easy task.  That’s why we, Noah Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, the leading Civil Construction Contractors in Chennai, are here to aid you with turnkey services including, vastu tips for home.  Reach us for the best vastu shastra for house construction.

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